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the find_service call

Hi, I am a researcher working with a registry that adheres to uddi v2. I have a tModelKey and I'd like to find all services that have a keyedReference with that same tModelKey in their CategoryBags. What is the best way to find services based on their keyedReferences? If I make a KeyedReference with a wildcard (%) keyName, wildcard keyValue and this tModelKey and add that keyedRef to a CategoryBag, when I use the find_service call with this CategoryBag I get an empty serviceList.  Not even the service that gave me that tModelKey from its CategoryBag comes up.  

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Can I use UDDI for this purpose.

Hello all ,


I am new to web-services and lately helping my manager figure out if UDDI is the correct technology for us to use.


From what I see UDDI gives a common way to register services and a way for different clients to discover it. Which means it should be also able to discover different versions of the services and based on the query redirect to the service which is of the correct version.

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Developing Secure WebServices

I will write the content after two days


Public UDDI Registry


I know that Microsoft, IBM and SAP have shut down their public UDDI registries. I wonder how I can find avaliable web services now. Can I get the information on registered business entities and their services in the public UDDI registries before the shutdown from somewhere? Or is there any other popular public UDDI registries? Are there any paid registries that I can find avaliable web serivices?

 Thanks a lot for your help!



Want to use an existing web-service hosted by UDDI

Hi All,

            I am new to this site I want to learn how to make a client for a known web service in order to use it so please give me a wsdl link so that i can use any simple web service.


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