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Publishing services in PI 7.1

With PI 7.1 is it possible to publish services to the Service Registry (SR) directly from the Enterprise Service (ES) Builder and Integration Directory. The publishing functionality will allow developers and Business Process Experts (BPXs) to publish the services interfaces to the SR or UDDI. The UDDI will then contain a global list of all the services, which is implemented or at some point will be implemented.

To show the different ways to define services, it is necessary to see how they can be published. Services can be provided the following ways.

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Service-Based Application Development From a Single Source

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) is the central platform for the development of service-based applications. It places the reutilization and combination of existing functions into new business applications (known as composite applications) at the center of the development process. SAP NetWeaver CE offers an integrated, consistent and model-driven approach and brings together the necessary runtime technologies and development tools from SAP.

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How to Register web service in UDDI


  I am working web services. i have to use the web service. can anyone  let me know the process. or let me the URL to register into  UDDI.

                                                                    Thanking you.

with regards


How to register web services in UDDI

How to register web services in UDDI and How to use Web services of anoter vender?

Editing existing tModels


I have a question concerning tModels. I have already created couple of tModels with specific Categorization. But now I want to allow the administrator to change some info in the Categories of the existing tModels ( for example keyName and keyValue) but without creating a new tModel. Does anybody knows how can I do this trough code??????



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