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Developing Secure WebServices

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Public UDDI Registry


I know that Microsoft, IBM and SAP have shut down their public UDDI registries. I wonder how I can find avaliable web services now. Can I get the information on registered business entities and their services in the public UDDI registries before the shutdown from somewhere? Or is there any other popular public UDDI registries? Are there any paid registries that I can find avaliable web serivices?

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Want to use an existing web-service hosted by UDDI

Hi All,

            I am new to this site I want to learn how to make a client for a known web service in order to use it so please give me a wsdl link so that i can use any simple web service.


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Software AG Automates SOA Governance With Introduction of CentraSite Governance Edition

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced the immediate availability of the CentraSite Governance Edition as a comprehensive, standards-based solution for managing and governing the services, processes, policies and business rules associated with service-oriented architecture (SOA).

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tModel question ?

I should create a tModel for representing a specification telling how a web service behaves.

This should be a specification tModel.

When I refer this tModel from inside other tModels with a keyedReference element I put the tModel key in the field tModelKey but what will be the values for the keyName and keyValue filed? Since this is a specification tModel I have no categories. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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