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SOA Governance Tools

One of the key aspects of SOA Governance is artifact management, specifically managing the dependencies between the artifacts. This is accomplished through a new breed of tools called SOA Registries. In this article, Joel Amoussou describes what he considers important requirements for a SOA Registry. Indexing of XML-formatted artifacts such as WSDL, XML Schemas, Schematron rules, XSLT transforms, Spring and Hibernate configuration files, data mapping specifications, WS-Policy documents, etc.

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Is there any urlfor publishing a sample webservice.

I hve developed a sample webservice.i want to publish it.Is there any url for doing tat.

PeopleSoft & UDDI Config

Ciphersbak writes, "With the release of PeopleTools 8.48, many of us have come across the Service Configuration page under Integration Broker. Though (Quote) PeopleSoft does not recommend any UDDI server(s) to be used (Unquote), but one can make definitely make use of the wide variety of Open Source (jUDDI) and bundled (Aqualogic Service Registry 3.0) UDDI Registeries.

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Performance with ESB and BPEL UDDI runtime lookups

Chintan Shah writes, "I have tried both ESB and BPEL run-time look-ups and they work great. After enabling run-time look-ups ESB or BPEL calling any service via UDDI was taking longer than 1 minutes to invoke (it was couple of milliseconds earlier).

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Can i access web services from uddi?

Can i access  web services from uddi? if yes how?

why should i register webservices in uddi?

how can i  ensure authentication in webservices?

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