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Mercury: Systinet Registry

Systinet Registry provides a simple and standards-based means for publishing and discovering reusable business services and SOA artifacts. Systinet Registry captures all the functional and non-functional service descriptions into a centrally managed, reliable, searchable location. Fully standards-compliant, Systinet Registry provides a highly scalable, standards-based index of services and metadata, exposing a subset of SOA information for other tools and technologies to discover in operation.

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Select Business Solutions: Select UDDIServer

SelectUDDIServer supports the management of multiple corporate UDDI registries, user authentication management, version 3 UDDI publication and inquiry operations, and Web Service searching, browsing, configuration management and visualization. The UDDI version 3 compliant Inquiry and publication API also allows any other UDDI compliant client to access any of the managed Select UDDIServer registries.

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Oracle: OracleAS Service Registry

The OracleAS Service Registry provides a UDDI v3-compliant platform for publishing, categorizing and discovering Web services and related resources across the enterprise.
  •  Enables service providers to expose and advertise service offerings
  •  Allows service consumers to find, access and/or invoke services that meet defined criteria
  •  Provides critical features for SOA governance

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Novell: Nsure UDDI Server

With Novell eDirectory™ as a foundation, Novell Nsure™ UDDI Server adds secure identity management capability to the UDDI standard, increasing security and manageability of Web services registries.

Value Adds:

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Apache: jUDDI

jUDDI is an open source Java implementation of UDDI.


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