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Well-Known Taxonomies (and tModelKeys)

The UDDI Spec TC recently discussed a TN for understanding Key Partitions. I had submitted some comments to the TC. In discussion these comments, we talked about the concept of "well-known" taxonomies (with well-known tModelKeys).

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Registered tModels

The following is a list of registered tModels for UDDI.

1 Categorization and Identifier System tModels

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tModels are core components of UDDI. tModels represent unique concepts or constructs and are used to describe compliance with a specification, a concept, a category or identifier system, or a shared design. Each tModel should contain an overviewURL, which references a document that describes the tModel and its use in more detail.

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SOA Software: Service Manager

All SOA Software products rely on an underlying UDDIv3 Registry as a core repository and system of record for service data.  The product are all fully registry independent, leveraging the UDDIv3 standard to ensure seamless interoperability with all common registries, including products from BEA, IBM, Infravio, and Systinet.  For customer that do not have a UDDI registry, and/or are focusing on run-time governance, SOA Software bundles an embedded registry with Service Manager.

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Registry Bookmarks

I use to bookmark things related to UDDI.

UDDI registries often provide a URL to directly access the XML representation of an entity, and these can be bookmarked and tagged.

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