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OpenUDDI 0.9.7

On behalf of the OpenUDDI project team, Joakim Recht has announced the release of OpenUDDI Server Version 0.9.7. The OpenUDDI project is focused on creating a high performance, easy-to-use UDDI v3 compliant server and client library. The server and client is built using Java -- version 5 for the server and version 1.4 for the client. The server uses Hibernate, and supports a wide variety of SQL databases, as well as LDAP for data storage. The project is built on the Novell UDDI server but with many new features and optimizations. The primary contributor is Trifork, sponsored by the Danish National IT and Telecom Agency.

OpenUDDI recently created a new OpenUDDI project site at SourceForge. Previously, OpenUDDI has been hosted at Softwareborsen, the Danish government's open source site; however, that site was only in Danish, and OpenUDDI has attracted interest from other countries; the new project site which is targeted at a wider audience.

Version 0.9.7 is mainly a maintenance release with bug and performance fixes.

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