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Setting up a private UDDI on JBoss

Steve Brownlee writes, "As part of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that I’m implementing at work, I wanted to investigate setting up a private UDDI so that developers across the country could publish and find any core services. The first hit on Google when searching on the subject is Apache jUDDI, so I started to investigate that (since I love ASF). First thing I notice is that it’s a WAR file, but our platform here is based on ColdFusion, and the standalone installation used in the company couldn’t support implementing it.

After a quick install of JBoss, I drop in the jUDDI application and immediately run into configuration problems that I won’t bore you with now. However, as I start my research, I very quickly discover that jUDDI is integrated into JBoss! So at this point, the folks at JBoss go up a notch in my esteem.

I then drop the standard jUDDI application from JBoss and copy over the juddi-service.sar to my implemented server and fire it up. First thing I notice is that it’s looking for a JNDI datasource, which I had never set up before, but discover it’s quite simple.

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