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Software AG Releases SOALink Cookbook

Software AG delivers a guide for building interoperability between SOA assets and maximizing the command and control capabilities of CentraSite ActiveSOA. The developer-driven reference guide reflects Software AG's active and growing CentraSite user community with the Cookbook format providing practical "recipes" that developers can utilize to build out an SOA ecosystem from disparate SOA assets. The guide supports recently released CentraSite ActiveSOA.

Software AG announced the release of its SOALink Cookbook, a guide to how CentraSite ActiveSOA can smooth the way to a successful SOA adoption. The Cookbook is a practical reference for CentraSite integration, providing "recipes" that can be used to achieve rapid business value today while laying the groundwork for future capabilities within an organization's SOA.

SOALink is a framework for interoperability between CentraSite and various SOA infrastructure components. SOALink consists of a set of standards, APIs, and extension points available in the newly released CentraSite ActiveSOA. The SOALink Cookbook enables users to leverage these extensions into production-ready SOA implementations.

The SOALink Cookbook:

  • Enables SOA vendors to seamlessly pre-integrate their SOA solutions
  • Leverages the world's largest active vendor community for SOA Governance - CentraSite Community
  • Provides out-the-box interoperability making SOA governance more invisible and autonomic

"The SOALink Cookbook shows how to leverage key CentraSite ActiveSOA capabilities, including integration with quality management and development tools, making it easier for end users and partners to roll out integration and accelerate adoption," said Dr. K├╝rpick. "It also highlights CentraSite's ability to interoperate with externally managed assets to build out a lifecycle that can be automated using ActiveSOA."

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