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Revision of About from Thu, 2006-08-17 17:49 serves as a non-commercial, central location for useful information and links on XML-related standards and specifications. It is provided as an open community resource by members of OASIS, the international standards consortium.

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Open Source Platform
Sister Sites Focus Areas features two types of Focus Areas, those dedicated to specific OASIS Standards and those showcasing the use of XML in horizonal and vertical sectors of the marketplace. Focus Areas advance the use of open standards by providing technical and educational information, collaborative workspaces, and discussion areas.

Knowledge Base Pages

Each Focus Area features a Knowledge Base of technical and educational information, which is delivered via pages created and maintained by Editorial Boards.

Community Pages

Each Focus Area also includes a Community section of pages that incorporate wiki functionality, enabling any registered user to create and edit content. The public is encouraged to help expand and enrich these resources by contributing to collaborative document pages (such as best practices guidelines) and to add appropriate links to community posting pages (such as press releases, events, white papers).  

Anyone can contribute to Community pages by clicking on the "edit" link at the top of each page. Before editing, review the Editorial Guidelines and note the specific posting requirements for each page. is not intended to serve as a repository for materials. When referencing external publications (including press releases, white papers, books, etc.), authors should insert excerpts or summaries and provide links to the full document. Authors should not re-publish works in full on, nor should they relinquish copyrights on their materials.

When referencing content on other sites or documents, individuals should respect the source of the material and include appropriate attribution.


All pages are viewable by the public. To edit or post content on a Community page, it is necessary first to register. This step minimizes spam and other inappropriate content on the site. Once registration is complete, an individual is free to contribute content at any time.

Editorial Boards

Creation and oversight of content for each Focus Area is provided by an Editorial Board. Participation in these groups is open to any OASIS member interested in actively advancing the use of OASIS Standards and specifications. Contact for details.


Sponsorship is sponsored by OASIS members who are committed to advancing the use of open standards worldwide. OASIS gratefully acknowledges the financial support of these organizations.

It is possible to sponsor the entire web site or specific Focus Areas. For information, review OASIS Information Channel Sponsorship or contact


Open Source Platform Focus Areas are based on Drupal, an open source content management platform.


Sister Sites

In addition to, OASIS hosts several other web sites dedicated to promoting and enabling the use of open, interoperable, standards-based solutions:
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