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tModel question ?

I should create a tModel for representing a specification telling how a web service behaves.

This should be a specification tModel.

When I refer this tModel from inside other tModels with a keyedReference element I put the tModel key in the field tModelKey but what will be the values for the keyName and keyValue filed? Since this is a specification tModel I have no categories.

Please refer to the example at Appendix B.2.2 of the UDDI Spec -

B.2.2     Using the "wsdlInterface" value

The "wsdlInterface" value signifies that a WSDL file is located at this resource.  Such a WSDL file has no implementation information, but exists purely as an abstract interface document.  Using this convention within a tModelInstanceInfo is not appropriate. 

For example, the tModel below has two overviewDocs.  The first, which uses the "wsdlInterface" value, denotes that the overviewURL points to WSDL file.  The second overviewDoc provides additional information about the tModel, using the "text" value.

<tModel tModelKey="">
  <description>This WSDL interface has a set of APIs for querying the catalog service.</description>
    <overviewURL useType="wsdlInterface">
    <overviewURL useType="text">

    <keyedReference keyName="uddi-org:types:wsdl"
    <keyedReference keyName="uddi-org:types:soap"
    <keyedReference keyName="uddi-org:types:xml"
    <keyedReference keyName="uddi-org:types:specification"
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