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Software AG Automates SOA Governance With Introduction of CentraSite Governance Edition

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced the immediate availability of the CentraSite Governance Edition as a comprehensive, standards-based solution for managing and governing the services, processes, policies and business rules associated with service-oriented architecture (SOA). Building upon the industry-leading webMethods Infravio X-Registry, the CentraSite Governance Edition lowers the threshold to successful SOA adoption by helping enterprises more easily and quickly define their governance model, extend unified service governance across the enterprise, and enforce consistent standards for usage. Specific features include new automated governance processes and policy enforcement embedded directly into the platform; a richer, more extensible metadata repository; a more intuitive, Web 2.0 user interface; and the inclusion of prepackaged best practices and wizard-driven templates for guiding lifecycle management of all SOA assets.

When managed appropriately, SOA improves business agility while reducing operational costs by enabling the structured reuse of existing IT assets within new, business-driven applications and processes. What has prevented many enterprises from fully capitalizing on these opportunities are the challenges associated with managing the underlying complexities and interdependencies inherent in this more granular approach to application development. By institutionalizing these processes via an automated approach to lifecycle governance, enterprises can implement best practices from day one, which lowers long-term costs while delivering more immediate benefits and faster adoption.

“Enterprise users of SOA want to minimize complexity, simplify adoption and demonstrate faster payback. With the release of the CentraSite Governance Edition, we’re squarely addressing each of these concerns,” said Peter Kürpick, Chief Product Officer of the webMethods business division at Software AG. “Our approach empowers users to make faster, smarter decisions regarding service reuse and the management of associated policies. By doing so, users can focus on more strategic concerns rather than the underlying, mundane tasks needed to tame complexity. With more rapid and widespread adoption, enterprises benefit from greater ROI due to the exponential nature of SOA.”

“Software AG’s CentraSite Governance Edition raises the bar for SOA Governance solutions,” said Ron Schmelzer, Managing Partner at ZapThink, LLC. “The market demands SOA Governance solutions that span the full SOA lifecycle, that govern service assets beyond just Web services, and automate governance processes using sophisticated policy management capabilities for design, run and change-time governance. Software AG’s newest release addresses these capabilities and presents them in a user-friendly, intuitive interface that simplifies governance and helps IT accelerate SOA adoption.”

CentraSite Governance Edition builds upon the experiences of more that 150 enterprise customers. Enterprises can leverage this platform to establish, manage and implement service definitions, governance processes and usage policies across multiple stakeholders and throughout the service lifecycle. It ensures that available services are readily available for reuse, enforces enterprise-class standards for performance and streamlines subsequent change management.

As a fully-unified registry/repository encompassing both a UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration protocol), v. 3.0 compliant registry and a fully extensible, JAXR complaint (Java API for XML Registries) repository for maintaining associated metadata and policies, CentraSite Governance Edition can be implemented as the design-time, run-time and change-time governance platform for any heterogeneous environment. As an SOA’s system of record, it also acts as a policy hub for run-time enforcement with an integrated run-time policy enforcement point, webMethods X-Broker, and standards-based support for additional third-party applications used to mediate transactions betweens service providers and consumers. Users can fully leverage available services via an intuitive, task-driven interface with automated processes used to enact and enforce decisions across the SOA lifecycle.

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