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UDDIProxy get_AuthToken


how can I get the cred for 


public AuthToken get_authToken(java.lang.String userid, java.lang.String cred) throws UDDIException, TransportException


where is it??? How can I manage it???

 Best regards



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With Systinet 3.0, HP broadens SOA governance role

Hewlett-Packard trotted out the new HP SOA Systinet 3.0 registry today, capping a year of announcements that create a services oriented architecture (SOA) lifecycle portfolio, and extends the governance function broadly -- a cradle to grave approach -- that spans from design time to run time and all the way up to project portfolio management (PPM). The newest market leading Systinet UDDI registry forms the cockpit for managing not only services, but with the newly added Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) support, takes the helm for business processes, too.

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Managed Methods Releases JaxView Version 4.5

Managed Methods has announced the availability of their SOA management and runtime governance product JaxView 4.5. While providing full support for the SOA and Web service management for the IT operations, JaxView 4.5 expanded runtime policy enforcement features and expanded integration to UDDI registries. "We are exceptionally pleased with our customer adoption of JaxView agentless deployment for SOA visibility and SOA management.

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What’s Next for BizTalk Server

Microsoft Corp. today provided an update on its plans for BizTalk Server 2009, which is on track for availability during the first half of 2009.

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