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Apache Software Foundation overhauls jUDDI

The volunteers for the non-profit Apache Software Foundation have been hard at work overhailing Apache jUDDI, the free open source implementation of UDDI. We've put so much work into to lately, that we throught we would show off what the brand new user interface looks like.  We're looking for some feedback, bug reports and suggestions.

Details and links to the live server (leave your feedback here):

Project page: 

Issue tracking:

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SOA Software Announces New Repository Capabilities

SOA Software announced the availability of Repository Manager version 6.3. Repository Manager 6.3, in concert with Policy Manager, introduces significant advances to SOA Software’s closed loop service governance automation solution, ensuring that fine-grained development-time policy decisions are automatically applied to the enterprise’s operating environment and allowing users to enforce development policies at runtime.

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jUDDI v3.0.3 Released

Kurt Stam writes: I'm proud to announce that the latest jUDDI code has been released as version 3.0.3. As always a huge thanks to all who were involved. This release addresses a number of issues reported by our users, and it adds some new functionality on XRegistration and case folding of Keys. All keys are now case folded to support databases that do not handle case sensitive comparisons. Note that this may lead to issues if you are upgrading from a previous version of jUDDI which contains non-case folded keys.

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Red Hat updates SOA tools

At this year's EclipseCon conference, Red Hat announced the release of version 5.0 of its JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (SOA-P v5). According to a post on the JBoss blog by Pierre Fricke, Red Hat's JBoss SOA product line Director, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform v5 is
aimed at delivering the "benefits of SOA and cloud computing to enterprise business processes".

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American Assoc. of Advertising Agencies Uses UDDI in Central Industry Hub

XMLforMedia seeks to create a unified set of communication protocols to be used by the advertising industry. There are several parts to this project including a collection of XML schemas that provide a context for all facets of the media life cycle, from avail to invoice. Another part is an industry Registry for all trading partners to list their communication capabilities. The AAAA has created a committee with representatives from each media group to help shape the direction and composition of these documents.

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