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HP/Systinet finally published GIF

Anne Thomas Manes writes, "Way back in April 2005, Systinet (now a part of HP) announced the Governance Interoperability Framework (GIF), which proposed to define standard formats and practices to enable interoperability among SOA infrastructure ecosystem products (service platforms, mediation systems, and management systems) via UDDI. At the time Systinet recruited about a dozen SOA infrastructure vendors to participate in a partnership  to implement support for GIF in their products. Most of these vendors implemented at least some support for GIF by mid 2006. But the program remained a proprietary partnership. Other registry vendors (e.g., Infravio and SOA Software) were not invited to participate in the program. I was very disappointed with the closed nature of the effort, and I railed repeatedly on Systinet to publish the specs in a public forum. 

Now, nearly three years later, HP has finally published the Governance Interoperability Framework Reference specification. I've only given it a quick glance, but it appears to provide enough information to enable other UDDI-compliant registry vendors/users to configure their systems to act as a GIF hub. It also provides enough information for other infrastructure vendors to use GIF to exchange service metadata, policy, and management information.

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