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PeopleSoft & UDDI Config

Ciphersbak writes, "With the release of PeopleTools 8.48, many of us have come across the Service Configuration page under Integration Broker. Though (Quote) PeopleSoft does not recommend any UDDI server(s) to be used (Unquote), but one can make definitely make use of the wide variety of Open Source (jUDDI) and bundled (Aqualogic Service Registry 3.0) UDDI Registeries.

I did have initial problems configuring jUDDI & BEA's Aqualogic Service Registry, but once configured, we can post the WSDL's to the UDDI respository...
If you also use JDev, then one can discover the installed UDDI Repositories and consume/provide WSDL's from JDev...Its a good option to start with BEA's Aqualogic, but it has a license limitation, the executable avialable for download from can have a maximum of 150 Business Services registered, and since this being a trial version I'hv another 63 days of free usage. So make sure you choose the best in the lot WSDL's to be posted to the repository..."

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