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Understanding WSDL in a UDDI Registry

WSDL can work with UDDI registries in several different ways depending upon the application needs. This three-part series looks at these different methods of using WSDL with UDDI registries. (Source: IBM developerWorks)

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Editorial board

Creation and oversight of content for this site is provided by the UDDI Editorial Board. Participation in this group is open to all members of OASIS. For information on joining the Board, contact  OASIS Communications

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uddi-dev mail list

OASIS hosts this publicly archived list to support open discussion on implementing UDDI. To minimize spam in the archives, you must subscribe before posting. Subscribe using the OASIS mail list manager or by sending email to Review OASIS mail list guidelines before posting. 

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Cover Pages Technology Report: UDDI

The Cover Pages consistently provide good news and summary resources for UDDI, Web services, and other XML-related technologies.

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Introduction to UDDI: Important Features and Functional Concepts

This paper provides a concise overview of the UDDI standard and highlights significant architectural changes in the recent Version 3 specification. The paper covers key functional concepts in the UDDI specification including its data model and programmatic interfaces. Also covered in this paper is a description of registry affiliation - a key feature enabled by the UDDI v3 specification.

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