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WE all know that UDDI can be used to register and discovery WSDL, and there is a Best Practice and Technical Note describing how to do it.

WADL is a description language for REST services.

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Industry Leaders Demonstrate Interoperability of WS-Policy Using the UDDI Policy Attachment

webMethods, Inc. recently announced successful demonstration of interoperability of the WS-Policy Candidate Recommendation specifications using the UDDI standard. The first-ever interoperability evaluation event for the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Services Policy 1.5 Framework and Attachment (WS-Policy) Candidate Recommendation specifications was hosted by webMethods.

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OpenUDDI Server

The OpenUDDI Server is an open source implementation of UDDI 3.0.
The server is based on the Novell UDDI server, and has the following features:
  • Support for LDAP or Hibernate-based persistence
  • Based on Java5
  • Lightweight, runs on any application server
  • Supports Publication, Inquiry, Security, Subscription, Custody and Value Set apis
  • Supports replication over Subscription API
  • GWT-based web admin
  • Licensed under an Apache license

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tModel question

I should create a tModel for representing a specification telling how a web service behaves.

This should be a specification tModel.

When I refer this tModel from inside other tModels with a keyedReference element I put the tModel key in the field tModelKey but what will be the values for the keyName and keyValue filed?

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Understanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI

by Eric Newcomer
Written for developers, this book introduces the major ideas behind core and extended Web services' technologies and serves as a primer covering the prominent emerging technologies in this area. It summarizes the major architectural approaches to Web services, examines the role of Web services within the .NET and J2EE communities, and describes the products of major companies.

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