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tModel structure

Dear everyone,

Please help me to understand more about the structure of tModel. In a tmodel, it has a categorybag, and in the categorybag contains a list of keyedreferences.

What is the relationship between tmodel and those keyedreferences?

What is the relationship between tModel & taxonomy?

thanks in advance for your help,


eurro with Find_tModel

Dear everyone,

I made a test to get all the list of tmodel from the registry UDDI by using find_tModel.

It works well but right now I don't know what happy with it. I get error:

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OWL-S/UDDI matchmaker installation

I use Tomcat 6. Tomcat works very well


I download: "OWL-S/UDDI Matchmaker version 1.3" and I followed the steps in this link:

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Apache Software Foundation overhauls jUDDI

The volunteers for the non-profit Apache Software Foundation have been hard at work overhailing Apache jUDDI, the free open source implementation of UDDI. We've put so much work into to lately, that we throught we would show off what the brand new user interface looks like.  We're looking for some feedback, bug reports and suggestions.

Details and links to the live server (leave your feedback here):

Project page: 

Issue tracking:

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How to publish created .Net webservice


How to publish a web service (.Net based) on UDDI and use the available web services. Any one please help me Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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