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eurro with Find_tModel

Dear everyone,

I made a test to get all the list of tmodel from the registry UDDI by using find_tModel.

It works well but right now I don't know what happy with it. I get error:

 org.systinet.uddi.client.v3.UDDIException: <dispositionReport xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api_v3">
  <result errno="10050">
    <errInfo errCode="E_unsupported">FindQualifier is not supported.</errInfo>

    at org.systinet.uddi.client.v3.UDDIInquiryStub.parseFaultBody(
    at org.systinet.uddi.client.UDDIClientProxy.parseFault(
    at org.systinet.uddi.client.UDDIClientProxy.invoke(
    at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy50.find_tModel(Unknown Source)
    at uddiwsdl.UDDICategory.createTmodelList(
    at uddiwsdl.UDDICategory.main(

Anyone meets the same problem, please help me.



Actually, it is before the user is expired. Then, I just put the user back to active. Then everything is ok.

You're using the tModel key for approximatematch. Try just passing in "approximateMatch". 

Yes, I did passing as approximateMatch, but it seems having error with the database. my EM database does not work, and OSR account password is expired. Suddently, it becomes like that. I am  trying to find the solution now.

If you know the solution, please tell me.

many thanks in advance,


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