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Semantic Web Services based on Intelligent Agent

What is the role of Intelligent Agent in Semantic Web Services?

vivek pandey

how we publish webservice on uddi


This is vivek,i am working on webservices,i want to know how to know about UDDI Registry and how to publish webservices.Please send me any documentation or PDF belongs to it.


Is there any urlfor publishing a sample webservice.

I hve developed a sample webservice.i want to publish it.Is there any url for doing tat.


Can i access web services from uddi?

Can i access  web services from uddi? if yes how?

why should i register webservices in uddi?

how can i  ensure authentication in webservices?

if anybody know the answer please reply soon...



How to make private registery of webservices?

Hi There,

I have created a new web services application which works fine as shown in  test page. But when i run my application, my web service is not recognized by web logic server. Can any body provide me with complete steps needed as soon as possible.


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