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Interoperability between clouds requires more than VM portability

Lori MacVittie writes: If LISP sounds eerily familiar to some of you, it should. It's the same basic premise behind UDDI and the process of dynamically discovering the "location" of service end-points in a service-based architecture. Not exactly the same, but the core concepts are the same.

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jUDDI 2.0rc6 released

Today the jUDDI team released the -hopefully final- release candidate for of jUDDI-2.0. One of the major new release artifacts is a jUDDI-tomcat bundle which is a jUDDI server bundled with Tomcat and an embedded Derby database. This means that users can start using their UDDI server instantly. It is expected that the jUDDI-2.0 release will follow shortly, as well as a jUDDI-3.0alpha release. The full release notes can be found here.

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BMC Atrium and Remedy ITSM 7.5 provide holistic BSM

BMC sees its new Atrium 7.5, due for official launch next month, as the platform for delivering business service management (BSM) going forward. Alongside this is the important but hard to do addition of applying ‘What-If' testing of infrastructure changes before they are actually deployed.

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Software AG Releases SOALink Cookbook

Software AG delivers a guide for building interoperability between SOA assets and maximizing the command and control capabilities of CentraSite ActiveSOA. The developer-driven reference guide reflects Software AG's active and growing CentraSite user community with the Cookbook format providing practical "recipes" that developers can utilize to build out an SOA ecosystem from disparate SOA assets. The guide supports recently released CentraSite ActiveSOA.

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OWL-S/UDDI Matchmaker

Matchmaker is implemented as an extension of the jUDDI which is an open source Java implementation of UDDI. You do not need to install jUDDI since it is included in the default installation package of the matchmaker starting from version 1.3. The web interface provides an intitutive interface for users to interact with the OWL-S/UDDI matchmaker. The interface allows users to build OWL-S descriptions which can be submitted as advertisement or query. The mapping between OWL-S to UDDI is performed performed at users browser using javascript.

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