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SOA Software: Service Manager

All SOA Software products rely on an underlying UDDIv3 Registry as a core repository and system of record for service data.  The product are all fully registry independent, leveraging the UDDIv3 standard to ensure seamless interoperability with all common registries, including products from BEA, IBM, Infravio, and Systinet.  For customer that do not have a UDDI registry, and/or are focusing on run-time governance, SOA Software bundles an embedded registry with Service Manager.

The Registry from SOA Software™ is an enhanced enterprise class UDDI V3.0 repository.  It goes beyond a simple service registry to include the comprehensive custom meta data used to describe and manage service end-point data.

The Registry is a comprehensive, enterprise-class UDDI implementation delivering:

  • Industry leading scalability, performance, and reliability
  • Publish and search
  • Federated search across heterogeneous UDDI repositories
  • Delegated manageability through object level security
  • Version management and change approval workflow process
  • Service-level policy meta data management
  • Customizable taxonomy and category management
  • Powerful change notification mechanism
  • Data replication and import/export of provider, service, and category data
  • Advanced Java and .NET SDK

Because the Registry is a fully compliant UDDI server, enterprises can implement a complete Web services management fabric without having to rely on a public domain, or bundled UDDI server.  However, because many enterprises have already deployed UDDI, at least for development environments, the Registry implements advanced integration techniques, including federated search, to fully integrate with existing solutions.

While UDDI has not been as widely used as SOAP and WSDL, it is still considered one of the three pillars of Web services.  Even if an enterprise has no plans to leverage UDDI for initial service discovery, UDDI will still play a critical role in providing run-time service location transparency and related load-balancing and fail-over capabilities.  By leveraging the UDDI service for this important functionality, SOA Software’s Service Manager™ protects customers against vendor lock-in.

Registry Benefits

  • Eliminates vendor lock-in with the first comprehensive commercial implementation of the UDDI V3.0 standards.


  • Facilitates service reuse with advanced management of service publication and subscription data to extend the value of Web services by providing developers with powerful search, notify, browse and API support.


  • Ensures that mission critical services are not exposed to unauthorized applications with its comprehensive object based security.


  • Integrates with existing enterprise and partner service registries using federated UDDI search.


  • Delivers a complete Web services management fabric with extended meta data management and storage.


  • Speeds administrator acceptance and reduces cost with a user-friendly UDDI Console focused on management of Web services.


  • Assures enterprise-class reliability, scalability and performance using an advanced architecture leveraging an RDBMS back-end.


  • Facilitates abstraction of consumer and provider end-points with a powerful version management and change approval workflow process.


  • Delivers customizable taxonomy and category management to facilitate rapid discovery and sharing of applicable services.


  • Delivers comprehensive replication and import/export of provider, service, and category data to ensure wide local availability of shared UDDI services.


  • Provides advanced Java and .NET SDKs to make complex UDDI services widely available to all developers and applications.  Delivers comprehensive security, load-balancing, subscription and change notifications services. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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