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Enhance UDDI to Manage Web Services

By Bijoy Majumdar, Ambar Verma, Ujval Mysore; IBM developerWorks

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is a relatively new paradigm that has evolved through many iterations over the years. SOA revolves around the concept of Web services, which are transforming the way IT departments function today. Web services refers to a modular, self- contained piece of code with a well-defined functionality that you can access across the network. SOA's key components are a service provider, a service consumer and a service registry. UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) is an XML-based standard that enables users to create registries where businesses can register their contact information, the services they offer and technical information about them. Service requestors can search the registry, find a service they need, and interact with that service. Web services are primarily used over the Internet, and a UDDI registry factors out the Web service's location constraint. At once, a UDDI registry can offer a collection of services performing a particular task, letting users pick and choose the one that best suits their particular situation. UDDI has become the de-facto standard for registering services. Its advantages are twofold: first, organizations have a trivial registry for all its services regardless of geographic location, business units and departments; and second, they can consolidate system assets, saving on business cost and time. The article illustrates how to use UDDI as an XML-based registry as well as a security and configuration management solution. The authors look into the UDDI intricacies, providing easy and simple mapping with the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) to build the UDDI registry effortlessly.

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