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Currecy Converter web service to access from my web part.

I need Currecy Converter web service to access from my web part.. Can any body suggest where can i search for the web service also which gives latest currency results.

I am unable to search here in


Please help me...

Inspired by this post, there is a tutorial now available from seekda about how to write Web Services client, which uses currency converter Web Service. The tutorial shows in a couple of simple steps how to find a currency converter Web Service and how to plug/use it with a Web application.




You have over 24K public services indexed and monitored at Just type in the search box your query: "currency converter". It is finding me more than 70 services, which are having something to do with the currency conversion. The first one already does its job. Select it and next click tab "Use it Now". I just made a quick conversion from USD to EUR and results are identical as at USD is still falling down.


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