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Need Help for Test Registry

Hello Friends,

I am new to UDDI Concept .. I wants to publish information  in registry for testing..Please tell me is there any  Test Registries. I know one Test Registry that is IBM Test Registry. . when i click this link, i am redirecting to SOA Page..  Please put me in right direction. 

Thanks & Regards,



You will have hard time to find a public registry of Web Service on the Web, as major vendors (IBM, Microsoft) took them down a couple years ago. Now the question remains, why you want to register your Web Service in a public registry. If you want others to find it and use it, than you should use seekda, which indexes and monitors public Web Services and is currently the largest search engine for public Web Service.

What you should do, you should register your URL with seekda at URL registration page. The crawler from seekda will automatically detect your service and will include it in seekda index (it can take a couple of days).




  Thank you very much to given some information to me.. I am  doing  RND on UDDI Concept, Right now  am  using  Webspherev6.1, and also  created one test registry in server itself, while testing i am getting few exceptions..






Hi Venkat,

You can refer to also for some services.

Are you using wizard for testing purpose or using APIs to connect to the registry?



Hi Vivek,

   I am using (JAXR) API to connect to the registry,any way this is for testing purpose only. if u don't mind please share the knowledge about public registries. I created the registry in office machine .. while creation i am geting  exception access denied problem. i don't have  admin rights to my machine ..thats why i looking for private or public  registris on web . 


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