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INFRAVIO X-Registry Platform

INFRAVIO X-Registry Platform 6

Infravio X-Registry Platform is a software platform for SOA governance and lifecycle management. At its core is a Registry Repository, which serves as a service catalog and repository for policy and related artifacts.

The X-Registry Platform consists of a UDDI Registry and an SOA Repository.

More information about the product is available at our web site.

The Registry supports the full set of UDDI version 2 and UDDI version 3 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This enables integration with all popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and also serves as an integration point with run time Message Transport systems and Management systems.


The Repository supports the OASIS standard ebXML Registry Repository interfaces, and the JAXR (Java API for XML Registries) provider level 1, which is the Java Standard way to reconcile and integrate UDDI and ebXML Registry Repository. The Repository Information Model is built on the Java Standard JAXR Level 1. Heterogeneous clients of any platform can interact through Web services interfaces.


The Product includes additional capabilities including a rich administrative interface, organization model and acccess control system and a way to manage Contracts and Policies across the SOA Lifecycle of Design Time, Run Time and Change Time. It also provides an integrated Governance Rules Engine based on Java Standard JSR94.

The product is designed to be deployed in a Federated model, and supports multi-organization and Enterprise SOA configurations. The primary design of the product is to support Lifecycle Governance and  Policy across a federated deployment.





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