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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the
UDDI OASIS Standard, which defines a universal method for enterprises to dynamically discover and invoke Web services. The standard is advanced through an open process by the OASIS UDDI Specification Technical Committee, a group that encourages new participation from developers and users. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.


Can i access web services from uddi?

Can i access  web services from uddi? if yes how?

why should i register webservices in uddi?

how can i  ensure authentication in webservices?

if anybody know the answer please reply soon...



How to make private registery of webservices?

Hi There,

I have created a new web services application which works fine as shown in  test page. But when i run my application, my web service is not recognized by web logic server. Can any body provide me with complete steps needed as soon as possible.



OpenUDDI 0.9.7

On behalf of the OpenUDDI project team, Joakim Recht has announced the release of OpenUDDI Server Version 0.9.7. The OpenUDDI project is focused on creating a high performance, easy-to-use UDDI v3 compliant server and client library. The server and client is built using Java -- version 5 for the server and version 1.4 for the client. The server uses Hibernate, and supports a wide variety of SQL databases, as well as LDAP for data storage. The project is built on the Novell UDDI server but with many new features and optimizations.

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Setting up a private UDDI on JBoss

Steve Brownlee writes, "As part of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that I’m implementing at work, I wanted to investigate setting up a private UDDI so that developers across the country could publish and find any core services. The first hit on Google when searching on the subject is Apache jUDDI, so I started to investigate that (since I love ASF). First thing I notice is that it’s a WAR file, but our platform here is based on ColdFusion, and the standalone installation used in the company couldn’t support implementing it.

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Wring ROI out of your SOA Governance with Validation…

We've been talking about validating SOA Governance approaches for three years now, but surprisingly, we have found that very few enterprise IT shops of any serious scale are actually using them to their potential at this point. I had lunch yesterday with one of our wily gurus on this topic, Ken Ahrens, and he aptly noticed that the practice of SOA Governance just hasn't kept up with the grand expectations we had of it. Why?

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