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Public UDDI Registry


I know that Microsoft, IBM and SAP have shut down their public UDDI registries. I wonder how I can find avaliable web services now. Can I get the information on registered business entities and their services in the public UDDI registries before the shutdown from somewhere? Or is there any other popular public UDDI registries? Are there any paid registries that I can find avaliable web serivices?

 Thanks a lot for your help!



Gayathri Natarajan



seekda ( is currently the most comprehensive global search engine for public Web Services (although it is not UDDI based). You can search through over 27K services from more than 7K service providers. If you take a more detailed look at services indexed by seekda, you will find out that description of services contains lots of extra information not available directly from WSDL or from websites of their respective providers (e.g. monitoring/availability info, wiki description etc). This info will be also not available in other directories of public Web Services. Most of the services can be tested directly at seekda portal with seekda online Tester tool without need of writing a single line of code.

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