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Sample Code and Toolkits

Like most APIs, using UDDI is best illustrated through example. These external sites provide hands-on sample code for using UDDI in a variety of programming environments. UDDI community members are encouraged to add links to other examples and tutorials to this page.

See also: official UDDI Technical Notes include several hands-on examples for using and implementing UDDI.

Understanding WSDL in a UDDI Registry

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This page features announcements and agendas for upcoming conferences, workshops, and user group meetings related to UDDI. Feel free to edit this page by adding appropriate links.

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News and Announcements

This page provides brief overviews and links to interesting news articles, press releases, and announcements related to UDDI. Feel free to edit this page by adding appropriate links.

Mercury buys Systinet: is UDDI still for policy only?
On the face of it, the acquisition of Systinet Corp by Mercury Interactive Corp underscores the reality that UDDI, the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration language, is continuing to morph from its origins as a run-time discovery engine to become a policy enforcement mechanism.

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UDDI Technical Notes

A Technical Note is a non-normative document accompanying the UDDI Specification that provides guidance on how to use UDDI registries. While Technical Notes represent the UDDI Technical Commitee's view on some UDDI-related topic, they may be prospective in nature and need not document existing practice.

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