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Archive - 2006


keyType attribute for dispositionReport.


Can someone  explain me the use of keyType attribute for dispositionReport. Is it mandatory that a UDDI registry should implement this attrbute?


Enhance UDDI to Manage Web Services

By Bijoy Majumdar, Ambar Verma, Ujval Mysore; IBM developerWorks

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Well-Known Taxonomies (and tModelKeys)

The UDDI Spec TC recently discussed a TN for understanding Key Partitions. I had submitted some comments to the TC. In discussion these comments, we talked about the concept of "well-known" taxonomies (with well-known tModelKeys).

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Registered tModels

The following is a list of registered tModels for UDDI.

1 Categorization and Identifier System tModels

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tModels are core components of UDDI. tModels represent unique concepts or constructs and are used to describe compliance with a specification, a concept, a category or identifier system, or a shared design. Each tModel should contain an overviewURL, which references a document that describes the tModel and its use in more detail.

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