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Archive - 2008

Need Help for Test Registry

Hello Friends,

I am new to UDDI Concept .. I wants to publish information  in registry for testing..Please tell me is there any  Test Registries. I know one Test Registry that is IBM Test Registry. . when i click this link, i am redirecting to SOA Page..  Please put me in right direction. 

Thanks & Regards,


OWL-S/UDDI Matchmaker

Matchmaker is implemented as an extension of the jUDDI which is an open source Java implementation of UDDI. You do not need to install jUDDI since it is included in the default installation package of the matchmaker starting from version 1.3. The web interface provides an intitutive interface for users to interact with the OWL-S/UDDI matchmaker. The interface allows users to build OWL-S descriptions which can be submitted as advertisement or query. The mapping between OWL-S to UDDI is performed performed at users browser using javascript.

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Broken Links in UDDI Document

There is a very useful summary of new features, UDDI Version 3 Features List, at It has one minor problem, viz., that its links back to the original specification are all broken.

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Why UDDI Rocks

In this point/counterpoint, Microsoft's Steven Martin, senior director of product management in the Connected Systems Division...tells us why UDDI rocks. "Six years ago, SOAP was something you washed your hands with, and cross-vendor system interoperability was a major obstacle facing CIOs and architects. Today, Web services technologies are ubiquitous. Every CIO worth his or her salt has a strategy for where Web services fits into the portfolio of IT investments.

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UDDIProxy get_AuthToken


how can I get the cred for 


public AuthToken get_authToken(java.lang.String userid, java.lang.String cred) throws UDDIException, TransportException


where is it??? How can I manage it???

 Best regards



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