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MyFirstService - Testing the to publish in UDDI

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Configuring a UDDI Registry for SAP Web Services

Jeff Woehlner writes: When designing your internal UDDI registry, planning is key. There are a lot of posts about using UDDI but most all of them show end results too generic for immediate use.  Because it was so difficult to find a good template design from which to start, I'm writing this.

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ESB Toolkit 2.0 Released. UDDI issues fixed?

Charles Young writes: Yesterday, Microsoft released the final version of ESB Toolkit 2.0 (the word 'Guidance' has been dropped) which you can download.   A preliminary read seems to suggest that, between the release of the CTP and the final release, Microsoft scrapped the old UDDI resolver and have introduced a completely new version that complies with the UDDI standards and which addresses the issues raised in a blog article which I published earlier this year.   However, please be aware that I need time to properly digest the functionality changes, and won't be ab

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Tactical SOA Governance Processes. AKA, where to start?

Dave Berry of Oracle writes: I was discussing with a solutions consultant recently the perceived complexity of putting in place an initial governance solution. In following up on Mike van Alst’s recent blog on SOA governance processes, I wondered what tactical processes would be approachable for an organization trying to get a handle on SOA asset management.

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How to publish created web service(java) on UDDI and use the available web services

Is any one having sample code for web services in java . Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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